The project object: The project goal is to develop knowledge’s of NGOs and local communities leaders in participating in the system of public finances administrations by conducting the system of effectiveness public control of government spending. The project also will help NGOs influence to people deputies, to expect reports from them and bring up problems the same as to take part in government working group activity on making “White book of financial control and audit”.  Also, the project will conduct International practical conference for NGOs with representatives from CEE countries on public control of government spending.  On the conference will be discussed the problem of the role and functions of NGOs and local communities in mechanism of public control pf government spending.

Project objectives are the following:

  • to distribute a practice-oriented methodology for public control tools for NGOs and improve skills of the leaders that would use this methodology;
  • to develop capacity-making partnership of leaders of NGOs with representatives of local authority and members of Parliament;
  • to help leaders of NGOs to understand and fully use potential of their organizations and to increase collaboration between NGOs.

Activity of this project includes the following:

  1. Collection and analyze information  about the role of NGOs in mechanism of effectiveness control of government spending in countries with old democratic system (Canada, the USA, Germany, Sweden) and newly member state of the EU (Hungary, Slovak republic, Lithonia, Estonia).
  2. Summarize findings and mythological information. Prepare of methodological bulletin. Printing 200 copies and distributes it to the participants and others NGOs.
  3. Holding the press-club discussion with participating Ukrainian and international experts about the role of public mechanisms of government spending for providing transparent financial system and democratic principles of human rights.
  4. Carry out of the 3 days practical seminar in Kyiv “Improvement of the system of public finances administration. The role and functions of NGOs and local communities” in Kyiv and Kamjanez-Podilsky with 70 participants from 11 countries.
  5. Share information (given in methodological bulletin) for other NGOs and Mass Media in Ukraine and other countries.

Our partners in the project are Belarusian Taxpayers Association, Tax Standards Formation Fund, Kazakhstan, Estonian Taxpayers Association, The Chamber of Tax Consultants, Kyrgyzstan, Taxpayers Union of Georgia, Foundation for Representation of Taxpayers Rights and Interests in Latvia, Taxpayers Union, Russia, Hungarian Taxpayers Association, Lithuanian Taxpayers Association, Slovak Taxpayers Association, Ukrainian Taxpayers Association, Taxpayers Association of Europe.

Media-partner: International Charitable Organization „Center for Ukrainian Reform Education“

d-1The donor of the project: Canadian Fund office of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine

Address: 31, Yaroslaviv Val Str. Kyiv-01901, Ukraine
Tel. +38044 464-1144

Fax. +38044 464-0248

Manager: Volodymyr Senuk




d-3The donor of the project: International Renaissance Foundation (the “East-East” Program)

Address: 46, Artema Str. Kyiv-04053, Ukraine
Tel. +38044 2162596 Fax. +38044 2167629

E-mail: Web-page:

Manager: Tatiana Kukharenko

Year: 2004


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