Title: “I vote for”. Practical seminar for NGOs in the CEE countries – Lobbying in NGOs practice.Estonian experience fighting corruption. Steps & Lessons for Ukraine

The project object: “What can do NGOs before election for fighting corruptions?” is the main question of this project will give the answer. The project goal is to conduct practical seminar for NGOs in CEE countries on lobbying practices. Project objectives are the following:

  • to distribute a practice-oriented methodology for lobbying tools for NGOs and improve skills of the leaders that would use this methodology;
  • to develop capacity-making partnership of leaders of NGOs with representatives of local authority and members of Parliament;
  • to help leaders of NGOs to understand and fully use potential of their organizations and to increase collaboration between NGOs.

Activity of this project includes the following:

  1. Analyze lobbying campaigns, which was carried out by Estonian & Ukrainian NGOs and NGOs in other CEE countries.
  2. Summarize findings and mythological information. Prepare of methodological bulletin and making out the electronic version.
  3. Carry out of the 2 days practical seminar in Kiev “Lobbying in NGOs practice. Estonian experience fighting corruption. Steps & Lessons for Ukraine” with 70 participants.
  4. Share information for other NGOs and Mass Media in Ukraine and other countries.

Our partner in the project is Estonian Taxpayers Association

The Project is resulted in summarizing of methodology and practice of making lobbying campaign. Also, was prepared and distributed methodological material on project issue. Practical seminar was hold and more then 70 representatives from national and regional Ukrainian NGOs together with 11 Central and Eastern countries NGOs representatives have been taken part in it. In the seminar, we discussed about methods and mechanism of interacting and bargaining of NGOs with political parties in lobbying campaign.   On the results of the practical seminar, we published interactive information bulletin in the Internet.

Short-time results of the project :

  • 70 representatives of NGOs took part in the practical seminar in Kiev “Estonian experience fighting corruption. Steps & Lessons for Ukraine”
  • share lobbying experience;
  • developing professional skills of NGO’ leaders;
  • target group of the project have had opportunity to improve their knowledge and accelerate process of developing and using helpful mechanism of interaction with political parties for fighting corruption;

Long-time results of the project :

  • increase information and level of professional knowledge of leaders of NGOs;
  • using additional tools by NGOs for protecting of citizen’ rights;
  • developing and increase NGOs network;
  • improvement of human rights protection system by developing human rights NGOs and communication system between citizen, NGOs and people’ deputy (local and national level);
  • the project helps NGOs to understand their potential and fully use it in protect of their members rights.

Authenticity of the result:

Plan of monitoring and expected results of the project was developed by using of system of clearly system of report, distributing information and share experience.

ITC gave fully report of the project (including financial report, copies of outputs, list of participants and report of activity) to the fund.

The donor of the project: International Renaissance Foundation (the “East-East” Program) d-3

Address: 46, Artema Str. Kyiv-04053, Ukraine
Tel. +38044 2162596 Fax. +38044 2167629

E-mail: Web-page:

Manager: Tatiana Kukharenko

Year of the implementation – 2006.

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